We will miss you, Regina

"God made a mistake." That was the reaction of so many people who first heard of Regina's passing. Even as I write this, I struggle to come to terms with that. I don't know if I ever will. How can someone so young, so full of promise and so good to this world and for this world be taken away so suddenly and so cruelly. The refrain that has been playing over and over again in my mind is, "I want another chance..." I want another chance to tell her how deeply I appreciate working with her and that her passion for the elderly inspired all of us everyday. I want another chance to tell her that her devotion to her mum and sister was so inspirational; that she makes us want to be better people. I want another chance to eat lunch with her, to share her life stories and to hear about the exciting developments in her projects.

As she lay in the hospital bed and I stood beside her and held her hand, I asked repeatedly, "Did she know? Did she know that we love her THIS much?"

I have a lot on my mind too that I want to say to the driver of the SUV who took her life. That the driver has inflicted pain, damage and eternal hurt not only on Regina's mum and sister, but that an entire community of people has lost a very, very special and wonderful person who was just beginning to enjoy all that life. Yes, God has made a mistake.

In memory Regina
In memory Regina

Before I left the hospital room, I kissed her hand and said a prayer. May Regina be blessed with a perfectly beautiful life wherever she is.