Faces of LINKages

We are excited to release another post in our series, “Faces of LINKages”

In this edition we are introducing another star volunteer. Read along to get know one of the many amazing people that help make LINKages work. 

Meet Lauren!

 Photo is not from a Linkages Program, but Lauren has had lots of experience volunteering with seniors! She has a natural ability to interact with senior friends.

Photo is not from a Linkages Program, but Lauren has had lots of experience volunteering with seniors! She has a natural ability to interact with senior friends.

Name: Lauren

Type of Volunteer: Community Volunteer

When did you join LINKages Society, and what do/did you do in your volunteer role?

I joined linkages society in October 2017. My role as a volunteer was to engage in organized activities and bridge the gap between seniors and youth.

What was your favorite volunteering experience, event/program, or interaction? What made it special? 

I have many favourite experiences and interactions so it’s hard for me to choose just one The most memorable and special. The one that does stand out for me is paint night because I was able to engage in two of the things I love most, painting and sharing stories with seniors. It was a fantastic night with a ton of laughs and amazing creativity.

How did volunteering with LINKages Society make a difference in your own life as well as others?

Linkages has enabled me to come out of my comfort zone a little more and experience lots of fun new activities. I feel a sense of belonging I’ve never had before and that’s helped to boost my confidence immensely. I really feel that both the seniors and myself have benefited from being able to have fun and safe comfortable settings. We have been able to share stories and laughter together for a few hours and I know that not only takes loneliness away it takes away from all the things we worry about for a little while.

What else are you involved in? This can be your program you’re taking in school, or other extra-curricular activities.

 Currently I’m not involved in anything other than linkages at the moment.

Please tell us what your future endeavors are! (This does not have to be related to LINKages; it can refer to your future career aspirations, plans to travel, etc.)

I really hope to still be a part of linkages in the future. I’m also hoping to travel and learn more about different cultures and languages, as well I would really like to become more involved in other organizations to help more people in anyway that I can.

We are so happy to have Lauren as a volunteer at LINKages, and her efforts definitely speak to our goal of contributing to community development and inter-generational friendships between youth and seniors!

New Years Resolutions


It's a new year, and everywhere we turn we see messages of what we should change for 2018. We're told to change our bodies, change our image, and change our lives for the new year. The reality however, for seeing change in the new year may be more simple than we think! 

Perhaps it is as simple as choosing to consider how we can help others in 2018 and beyond! Intergenerational connections are such an easy and healthy way to feel connected, valued and invested and to help another individual feel connected, valued and invested too! Research shows that intergenerational isolation lowers social and emotional quality of life for both younger and older generations. To combat feelings of isolation for both generations, LINKages creates and facilitates programs in Schools & Care Centres and in Communities that are geared towards bringing generations together to emphasize purposeful connections, mutually-beneficial activities and exchanges of knowledge. 


Maybe your New Years Resolution could be something as simple as choosing to volunteer with LINKages in one of our community programs! Click here to see opportunities! 

Or perhaps you are reading this and thinking of a loved one in a Care Centre who might be feeling socially isolated at the start of the new year, and you think they might benefit from participating in a program. Click here to find out about our School Programs in Care Centres, and ask a staff member at the Care Centre if LINKages already has programs there. We are already in 14 different Care Centres in Calgary! 

Lastly, consider making a donation to help further more intergenerational programming in our City. Together we can stop social and emotional isolation for younger and older generations in 2018 and beyond! 

"I thought we would be here for the seniors, but we learned a lot from them. To interact with seniors made me feel peaceful and calm. When I see my senior's face, it was all worth it." 
- A Student from a Junior High School Program