Community Connector

Community Connectors will be planning a monthly community engagement event with a youth volunteers at one of the buildings LINKages works with, as well as a LINKages staff member for support


  • Beltline - Grace Manor
  • Bridgeland - Columbus Place, Columbus Manor
  • East Village - Murdoch Manor, Edward’s Place, King Tower

Key Responsibilities:

  • Spends 1-3 hours on the phone or in person planning/preparing for the event with a senior resident and relay information to LINKages staff
  • Attends the event they plan (minimum of one event per month of 3 hours including setup and teardown)

Length of Commitment:
Community Volunteers have to serve a commitment of a minimum of four (4) months, and attend the event they have planned


  • Has good organizational and planning skills
  • Advanced communication skills

Support Provided:

  • Orientation
  • Staff support