Sharing Intergenerational Stories Contest

LINKages Society of Alberta is hosting a contest for youth and older adults to share their stories and learnings of Canada. Through this intergenerational story telling project, we're hoping to capture Canada's culture, history, and heritage through the experiences of Canadians.

We've designed our contest to be multimedia based, therefore participants can submit anything from a journal entry to a song or a video. We'll be uploading the submissions to our social media pages for friends, family, and fellow Canadians to enjoy! On June 30th, 2017 all of the submissions will be sealed in a time capsule that will be opened on July 1st, 2067 -- aligning with Canada's 200th Year Celebration!

We would like these stories to focus on connections between different generations of Canadians. We challenge youth to learn about the older adult in their community and vice verse, in order to learn, grow, and share these experiences with others!  

Please see Contest Rules and Regulations below for further details. 


Congratulations to our Contest Winners! 

Calgary Area Winners

1st Place - Shirley-Jean with Isa & Valentina, Stephen with Spencer & Jacob

2nd Place - Gisela with Maggie & Drew

3rd Place - Our Lady of Peace School Grade 4 Class 

Jacob and Spencer surprise Stephen with the announcement they had won the Canada 150 Contest.

Edmonton Area Winners

1st Place - Pamela Quinn with Emily Bachand & Izabella Bryks

2nd Place - Joseph Stark & Nelly Schenkel with Dredan Haner & Hailey McMillan 

3rd Place - Ed Grabski with Joshua Korniski & Cayden Schiffner 

Contest Rules and Regulations 

     1. Submissions can be in the form of the following:

  • Scrapbook (paper or digital)
  • Journal or writing sample
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Video
  • Dance routine (submitted via video)
  • Song 
  • Photographs (ie: photo essay)
  • Other forms of digital media

*Note that if the submission takes the form of a media that does not include any writing or text it may be of value to include a short description of the inspiration behind your creation. 

     2. The submissions can be no longer than:

  • 15 pages, if it is a scrapbook
  • 500 words, if it is a journal or writing sample
  • 11" x 17", if it is a painting or drawing
  • 150 seconds, if it is a video, dance routine, or song
  • 15 photographs, if it is a photo essay

     3. The submissions must focus on Canadian culture, heritage, and/or history through the experiences of either the youth or older adult. For example, a youth may speak with an older adult or senior in their family or community and base their submission on something they learned from their conversations. This can include memories of Canada during their childhood, what it was like to immigrate to Canada from another country, or why they're proud to be Canadian.

     4. Submissions must be based off of real stories told by the youth or older adult, and all of the participants' names must be included with each submission.              

     5. Submissions can be submitted by individuals or can be treated as a group project. If choosing to submit as a group, you may submit under the category you think is most appropriate.         

  6. Participants must complete the form above when submitting, and if:

  • Uploading a video to YouTube, use the tag #LinkagesCanada150
  • The form does not work, email submission to with a completed PDF form.

     7. To be eligible for the youth or school age youth category and youth awards, participants must be 30 years of age or younger.                                                            

     8. Each written submission must be in either English and/or French.                                                                                                  

     9. When judging submissions, the judges will take into account the age of the participants as well as the creativity used to create the stories of Canada.                  

    10. The youth and older adult participants must agree to give LINKages Society of Alberta the rights to use their story on our social media and other promotional materials.                                                                                                                                            

    11. All submissions must be received on or before June 1st, 2017.  

    12. Any questions or inquiries about the contest can be forwarded to



  1. Participants can enter under one of the following categories:
    1. School Age Youth (Age 18 or under)
    2. Youth (Ages 19-30)
    3. Older Adult (Ages 55+)
  2. Prizes will be awarded for participants based in Calgary and for participants located around Alberta (outside Calgary). They are as follows:
    1. First place prize ($250 cheque);
    2. Second place prize ($150 cheque);
    3. Third place prize ($100 cheque).
  3. All who submit will receive a commemorative Canada 150 pin for their participation as show below. 
  4. Prizes will be awarded and submissions showcased at the LINKages Canada 150 Celebration in the Downtown CORE Shopping Centre at the end of June. Stay tuned for further details about this event, including times and performance lineup.
  5. Submissions will be uploaded to LINKages' social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter to be shared, liked, and retweeted by the public. This contest is part of the larger scope of creating awareness of Canada 150 and this momentous occasion! Please inform LINKages if you do not wish to have your submission shared on social media or would like to remain anonymous. 
                 Commemerative Canada 150 pin

                Commemerative Canada 150 pin