A New Hope

The year 2016 can be summed up in 3 words : We were blessed! We were blessed with funders and supporters who stuck with us through the hard times. We were blessed with volunteers, youths and seniors who tirelessly forged intergenerational connections. We were blessed with a committed Board of Directors who stayed focussed and resilient. We were blessed with a dedicated and tenacious complement of staff who remained true to our mission and were relentless in creating lasting impact.
Our focus for 2017 will be summed up in 2 words : Thank You!
To our funders and supporters, we commit to working even harder to deliver wider and deeper. To our youths and seniors, we will equip you with skills, expertise and experience to become community connectors. To our ever growing army of followers and likers, you will hear and see the impact of your support. We can’t wait for the year to begin!