LINKages Biography Guide

LINKages Biography Guide – Pathways To the Past, Doorways To the Future

Do you know how your grandmother’s name was chosen? What was your grandfather’s favourite subject in school? How did your grandparents meet? Who was the biggest influence in their lives?

Pathways from the Past, Doorways to the Future is a wonderful way to connect with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles or a special senior friend. Through engaging questions, this biography guide sparks conversations, encouraging older adults to remember and share their life experiences, from the ordinary to the remarkable.

Pathways makes a great gift, both as a way for youth to share meaningful time with their elders and as a way for elders to offer the gift of their story and wisdom for future generations.

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60 pages with questions, space to record answers and other notes or paste photographs. Cost: $25.00.