We Love Our Volunteers

Why Volunteer:

At LINKages Society, volunteers are valued members.  Whether they are youth, older adults, or in-between, volunteers contribute to community change.  Their involvement helps work towards the goal of creating strong and vibrant communities where youth and seniors can thrive.

Volunteering at LINKages will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Build bridges between generations
  • Foster and celebrate age-friendly communities
  • Meet new people, make new friends and develop professional contacts
  • Share skills and experiences with others

To be a volunteer in our Community and School Programs, you must be 18 years old, unless otherwise stated.

For more information, contact us at 403.249.0853 or info@link-ages.ca.

LINKages follows the practices set forth by the Canadian Code of Volunteers www.volunteer.ca.

Manny currently volunteers as a support helper with one of LINKages' Care Center - School Programs. She is learning to be become more creative, flexible, & encouraging in her work with both youth & seniors.

November 2019 Volunteer Profile

Manny Lau

Q| What interested you about intergenerational volunteering?
I received the most gracious opportunity & experience to connect with my beautiful grandma. In the stages of my life where I needed a positive role model, she stepped in & taught me many interpersonal skills, like how to build rapport with every individual I encounter, how to form long-lasting relationships, & how to adopt a positive attitude in everything I do & with everyone I work with. She taught me about the ageing process & what is to come so that I can begin to prepare myself.  Of course, we forget from time to time! But she reminds me by sharing that famous saying: “Just wait until you get to MY age!”  My grandma was a big influence in my life & I am so thankful, appreciative, & grateful that I had her in my life.  I miss her greatly.  
Q| What have you learned?
Working with children & youth is so fun! They are resilient, creative, & curious by nature.  Seniors have a wealth of knowledge to share, they are gracious, & they offer life perspective through offering their wisdom over the years to teach us what is important. They also have amazing stories to share.  I am always fascinated & amazed with what I discover.  Seniors remind us to spend time with the people we love & they care most about truth.  They are such great role models as they really do help teach & guide children & youth to a better future.  To have such an amazing opportunity to work with both groups at the same time is so exciting, lovely, & heartwarming. It brings a big smile to my heart & is so so rewarding! 
Q| Why do you volunteer?
I volunteer because I have a strong passion for seniors, children, & youth. I want to be able to help make positive changes that directly affect the lives of others, to give back to the community, to become part of an amazing, genuine, & wonderful team, & to develop & grow together.  
To learn more about volunteering as either a Care Centre-School Program Support Helper or Facilitator, contact Miriam Bankey, Volunteer Coordinator: miriam.bankey@link-ages.ca.  She’d love to chat with you!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Martin Luther King Jr.