Rural LINK

What is a Rural LINK?

The Rural LINK program helps to build IG (Intergerational) programs and capacity in rural areas across Alberta. By working with local service providers, and by leveraging community strengths and the capacity of seniors and youth, we can connect both to protect both – from isolation, depression, and lack of engagement.
How is it organized?
  • Individuals or organizations in rural communities are welcome at any time to join our free collaborative Intergenerational Community of Practice on CORE Alberta.

    Group members have access to regular webinars and brainstorming sessions about topics relevant to IG programming. The group is designed to collaborate and support each other in the development of IG programs which meet the unique needs in their respective communities.

  • Reasonably priced workshops are offered to learn the basics of starting IG programs in your area. Workshops can be provided virtually to give greater access to more remote rural communities.

What training is provided?

One and/or two-day intensive training workshops are facilitated by LINKages’ experienced program coordinator. Training involves experiential learning and clear guidance on how to create, coordinate, facilitate and support Intergenerational (IG) programs unique to your community.

Our Intergenerational Training for Trainers (IG T4T)  will equip your community coordinator to train your staff and volunteers to provide sensitivity training to youth and seniors involved in your emerging programs.

A user-friendly tool kit with detailed planning information, templates and activities is provided free with training workshops.

You are encouraged to collaborate with other organizations in your area when accessing training to cost share and kick start community partnerships.

How do I become involved?

For more information about training sessions or to book one in your area, contact Betty Good at