Rural LINK

What is a Rural LINK?

Rural LINK is program within LINKages that launches and supports LINKages chapters in small communities in rural Alberta. We work in partnership with established organizations in each location.
How is it organized?
In collaboration with the Rural LINK coordinator, an individual or organization in the community is responsible for coordinating the LINKages chapter. Each individual chapter will be unique to its community in accordance with their needs, and will follow the best practices laid out in the agreement with LINKages.
What training is provided?
LINKages provides training for the coordinator of the LINKages chapter and all who are involved in providing intergenerational programs. Training involves teaching how to create programs, coordinate them, facilitate and support. Another component is ‘train the trainer’ to equip the coordinator to train the staff and volunteers and provide sensitivity training to the youth and seniors involved in programs. LINKages also provides a tool kit with detailed planning information, templates and activities. Ongoing support and consultation is available until the chapter can function successfully and independently.
How do I become involved?
To apply to have a LINKages chapter in your rural community, contact LINKages to request an introductory package outlining the details of the partnership and the application process.