Make A Move, Make A Difference

Know anyone who’s selling a home? Announcing a new partnership!

LINKages is proud to announce we are now a Charitable Partner with Agents of Change. This means that anyone selling a home, anywhere can choose to contact Agents of Change for a referral to a real estate agent who will donate 20% of his or her commission to LINKages Society!

If you or someone you know is selling a home, this is a great opportunity to make a significant donation to LINKages at no cost to yourself. Our Make a Move, Make a Difference/Linkages mini-site explains how it works. It’s easy, and if you already have a real estate agent, you can still take part. Clicking on the “Request a Referral” button at the bottom of the page shows you how, with no obligation.

Check out our site and please forward this opportunity to anyone you know who’s contemplating selling a home or who would like a referral to a real estate agent with heart.