Project Inspire

Program not currently offered

What is Project Inspire?

Project Inspire is an 8-week program designed for participants of all ages to learn about art history, techniques and discover the value of personal expression through art.

Project Inspire has shown promising impact for senior and youth participants, as well as for community-trained liaisons and community artists.  In 2020 with the support of United Way, Project Inspire expanded into Community Hubs and now hosts programs in Bowness, Village Square, and the Genesis Centre.

How is the program organized?
Project Inspire is organized based on community opportunities of organizations and schools. Most programs are scheduled in line with school semesters. As programs develop, opportunity for public participation will increase.
Programs begin each week with participants sharing lunch and visiting with each other. Time is also given for participants to share their art with the group, providing new insights and fostering new relationships within the group. 
What training is provided?
As participants work through critical-thinking and creative-thinking programs together, it has been reported that exposure to different perspectives and reciprocity have been most valued from the experience. New participants are given a preliminary training that offers generational insights to promote understanding, respect and empathy. Training is subject to change based on program and conditions.
LINKages will also be offering Program Facilitation Training soon for volunteers interested in developing intergenerational communities.
How do I become involved?
If you are a school, non-profit or community organization interested in developing intergenerational relationships, click on the email button below to connect with LINKages’ Community Initiatives Coordinator. LINKages will work with you to develop a successful program based on your goals, schedule and resources.
If you are interested in volunteering your time to coordinate, facilitate, or support a Project Inspire program, send an email to LINKages through the email button below. 
100% of student participants rated themselves as significantly higher in social-emotional learning (SEL) skills post-program.