We foster over 700 intergenerational connections each year and the demand from enthusiastic students, schools and seniors continues to grow. The importance and value of connecting elders and youth in our society is being realized, but without sufficient funding, we must turn away interested schools and youth, seniors and care residences.

Your donation will support successful program development and delivery, student training, transportation and visits, program evaluation and volunteer recognition. From individual donations to large charitable gifts, your contribution is eligible for a tax receipt and will be used effectively to improve the lives of youths and seniors. On behalf of the hundreds of youths & seniors we touch each year,



Make a move, make a difference!

LINKages is proud to announce our partnership with Agents of Change. This means that anyone selling a home, anywhere can choose to contact Agents of Change for a referral to a real estate agent who will donate 20% of his or her commission to LINKages Society!

If you or someone you know is selling a home, this is a great opportunity to make a significant donation to LINKages at no cost to yourself. It’s easy, and if you already have a real estate agent, you can still take part.

Check out our Agents of Change page and please forward this opportunity to anyone you know who’s contemplating selling a home.

Donate a Car Canada

Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for LINKages Society. Donate A Car Canada provides free towing or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location.

To donate a car or find out more, go to Donate a Car.



Help! We’re a frugal group and we’ve got a few worn out items that need replacement. If you could donate a fridge or some boardroom furniture, call us, or make your donation through DeliverGood.

At DeliverGood, you can also donate dollars toward busingjunior high students to their LINKages visits on very cold days. Students in one of our junior high programs usually walk to the care center to visit. However, from time-to-time we have to disappoint them and their senior friends by cancelling due to cold weather.