IG After School Programs

What is an IG After School program?

The IG After School Program is part of the City of Calgary After School collective of programs  and organizations which  seek to build social emotional skills, intergenerational connection, and learning for youth in multi-barrier communities.

IG After School programs work toward creating a more inclusive and resilient community. This program recognizes there are many physical, social and emotional barriers both groups face and works to break these down using evidence-based programming in an environment of dignity, respect and social inclusivity (and fun!).

How is the program organized?

Week-to-week class participants will engage in various games, icebreakers, lessons and activities focused on social-emotional learning competencies and designed to enhance personal growth, intergenerational awareness and empathy. The curriculum is facilitated by LINKages’ staff with the support of a trained volunteer.  Two students are partnered with one senior friend for the duration of the program. Participants engage in activities that are intentional, interactive, and fun, designed to help foster mutually beneficial intergenerational connections.

What training is provided?

Before the program commences, youth and seniors take part in LINKages’ sensitivity trainings.

Youth attend a Senior Sensitivity Training which teaches them about aging, dementia, interacting with seniors, and the strengths and benefits of aging. The training also provides an opportunity for students to ask questions, discuss stigma and develop empathy for aging.

Seniors in certain communities also participate in Youth Sensitivity Training. During this training, seniors learn about issues youth are facing. The training also provides an opportunity for seniors to ask questions, discuss stigma and develop empathy for what the youth might be facing.

How do I get involved?

Email LINKages by clicking on the button below. We will contact you to determine what is required to start a program in your community.

100% of student participants rated themselves as significantly higher in social-emotional learning (SEL) skills post-program.