Intergenerational Training


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1.5 hour webinar

You’re wondering what intergenerational (IG) work is all about and would like to find out.
Come to this workshop to discover the mystery and miracles of IG friendships!

  • To define what is meant by “Intergenerational”
  • To educate participants about the challenges that both youth and older adults face
  • To explain the reciprocal benefits of an IG relationship
  • To describe various ways to connect youth and older adults


60 minute webinar

You know why IG programs are important and the benefits they offer. This session will provide you with guidance and strategies to effectively create intergenerational awareness in your organization and/or community, paving the way for the successful implementation of your envisioned IG programs.

  • To review the value and benefits of IG programs
  • To identify effective strategies for raising IG awareness
  • To explore the challenges when considering IG programs and how to overcome them
  • To create an action plan with an intentional approach


The Basics of Planning an Intergenerational Program One-day workshop

If you’re thinking about IG work and how to get it started in your community, this workshop is for you. You will learn about the types of IG programs possible, how to determine what will be best in your community and how to get started.

  • Determine the purpose and desired outcomes for an IG program
  • Discover the various types of IG programs
  • Learn how to do a needs assessment of the community
  • Understand the steps needed to deliver a successful IG program


How to Implement and Evaluate an IG Program One-day workshop

If you know the basics of how to develop an IG program in your community and now you need to know how to go about actually making it happen, this workshop is for you. Taking Level 1 is strongly recommended. If you think you’re ready for this level without completing the Level 1 workshop, please contact us to confirm appropriate level.

  • Create a concrete plan and timeline for your IG program
  • Know how to design and create an evaluation process unique to your program
  • Understand how to overcome challenges as they relate to implementing an IG program

Additional Training Offerings - In-person and virtual


Half-day workshop

You will experience first-hand how to train the youth and seniors to better understand and interact with each other in respectful and appropriate ways. The PowerPoint slides and training guide will be yours to take with you.

  • Learn how to facilitate sensitivity training for youth
  • Personally experience the “Instant Aging” kit for youth
  • Learn how to facilitate sensitivity training for older adults
  • Walk through the training where older adults learn about brain development, Gen Z and relationship building
  • Understand how to customize the training for both youth and older adults based on the age of youth and the environment of the older adults
  • Includes PowerPoint slides and training guide


Half-day workshop

The focus of this workshop will be to explore best practices, tools and techniques to create meaningful and impactful interactions between youth and seniors. You will gain learning and engage in hands-on activities to create a curriculum for your own IG program. You will also receive a collection of activities for your own use.

  • To present best practices of IG programming
  • To help participants achieve the outcomes of their IG program
    • To teach participants to:
      • Assess the abilities of youth and seniors in their IG programs
      • Develop curriculum based on the facility, space and amenities
    • To train participants how to choose types of activities
    • To provide time and coaching for participants to complete their customized activity plans, including themes and session activities
  • To explain how to debrief at the end of the sessions in order to reinforce the desired outcomes
  • Includes template for activity schedule and a collection of sample activities


Half-day workshop

Designed to prepare coordinators and facilitators specifically for IG programs, assuming they have experience in facilitation or working with groups

  • To teach facilitation skills required to run a successful IG program
  • To equip participants with organizational, communication and management skills required for IG program facilitation
  • To provide participants with the tools and tips they need to successfully coordinate and facilitate an IG program
  • To teach participants how to monitor the progress of the program and gather feedback from the youth and seniors
  • Includes coordinator and facilitator guides
  • Includes templates to use in the program


By contract

Do you need support to achieve your goal of creating meaningful intergenerational programs? Our extensive experience qualifies us to work with you to achieve your goals and overcome challenges by providing expertise, objectivity and focused support.


  • To save you time and money by helping to avoid costly mistakes and identify ways to optimize your resources
  • To provide short-term or long-term support based on your needs, depending on your budget and priorities
  • To offer continued support whenever needed

Coaching Options:

  • 30 min.-2 hr sessions
  • Series of coaching sessions over a period of time
  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Customized coaching packages
  • Retainer to be used as needed


  • $2000 for full day workshop for up to 30 participants (15 virtually)
  • $1200 for half-day workshop for up to 30 participants (15 participants virtually)
  • Flight and accommodation charged at cost
  • Mileage charged at current government rates
  • Travel time charged in some circumstances
  • Coffee/snacks provided by host agency for arrival and break
  • Agency may print own materials, or have LINKages print for cost of printing plus shipping
****Contact Betty for customized training unique to your community and your needs

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