Why IG?

There is a growing interest and increased research that is showcasing the positive impact and importance of intergenerational programming. Research suggests that intentional engagement in high-quality intergenerational programs and meaningful relationships decreases social isolation and increases a sense of belonging, self-esteem and well- being for both seniors and youth.
IG (Intergenerational) programs are so much more than “nice to have” programs!
We see firsthand the positive difference that longer term Intergenerational programs have:
  • Skipping a generation removes power dynamics and the two age groups can meet and learn as equals.
  • Programs can be adapted to any age, mobility, location, budget, time available.
  • Youth self-confidence and interpersonal skills improve.
  • Seniors report a renewed sense of purpose and value, and decreased depression and loneliness.
  • Youth report increased likelihood to volunteer in the future.
  • Seniors become a voice of encouragement and celebration in the lives of youth.
  • Both youth and seniors report increased feelings of belonging to their community.
  • The next generation of decision makers grow up age-friendly, dementia aware, compassionate and motivated!
So… Why IG?
  • It’s Impactful
  • It’s Adaptable
  • It’s Cost effective
  • It’s Preventive
  • IG makes communities stronger, one intergenerational friendship at a time!