The Story of Ken

The story of Ken began a couple of weeks ago when in the middle of the day, a gentleman entered our office and when I peeked my head around the corner to see who’s there, he had already ventured all the way up the stairs.  Our staff welcomed and settled him down and he told his story. Ken, as it turned out is a resident of the Millrise Place retirement residence. About a year ago, his family moved him to Millrise and since then he has been restless. Restless because at his former residence in Canyon Meadows, there was (and still has) a LINKages program that he enjoyed tremendously. At Millrise Place, there was no LINKages program and he misses it so much. He then took it upon himself to find us and on that day when he appeared at our office, he was beaming with pride that he found us! His request was ,”Can we have LINKages at Millrise Place?” We were moved beyond words at his efforts. With whatever means we can afford, we will find a way to bring LINKages to Ken.