Faces of LINKages

We are excited to release another post in our series, “Faces of LINKages”

In this edition we are introducing another star volunteer. Read along to get know one of the many amazing people that help make LINKages work. 

Meet Ruby!

Ruby has been a volunteer with LINKages Society since November, 2016. She was an active volunteer in LINKages’ Digital Connections program, as well as participated in a one-on-one meet-up with a senior at Carewest-Sarcee through our IG101 program. She has recently taken on a new volunteer position in working with members of the newly formed East Village Senior’s Association to write meeting minutes, as well as take on a mentorship role.

Ruby has participated in many LINKages community events and programs. She found the St. Patrick’s Day Brunch at Columbus Manor very memorable; she very much enjoyed preparing the things we needed for the event while working under pressure, and loved how the efforts of all our volunteers made the event possible! She found it a great experience and opportunity to chat with seniors and try the foods that they made.

Volunteering at LINKages has spoken to Ruby’s desire to work with seniors; she has always had a soft heart for older adults, and throughout her volunteering opportunities, it has allowed her to get a glimpse of some of their joyous experiences, as well as their struggles. She feels like the opportunities presented to her allowed her to be someone our seniors can talk to and ask for help. She expressed her sincerity in developing an understanding of seniors, as well as becoming more compassionate regarding their lives. Ruby has said that this “helped bridge decades of history and stories”. Spending time with the seniors gave her a different perspective about life that she otherwise would not have known.

Ruby is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary and is currently working with children who have disabilities. She is presently looking for an opportunity to get involved with other vulnerable populations such as those facing homelessness, addictions, survivors of abuse, and other areas. In the future, she wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming a physician.

We are so happy to have Ruby as a volunteer at LINKages, and her efforts definitely speak to our goal of contributing to community development and inter-generational friendships between youth and seniors!