Upcoming Initiative: Techno Elders Mentorship Program

LINKages is proud to announce a new initiative. The Techno Elders Mentorship Program (TEMP) is scheduled to start in January, 2015 with youth from Immigrant Services Calgary – Youth Volunteer Program and older adult participants from Bridgeland Manor. 

This initiative, in partnership with community organizations, is meant to train and facilitate youth to teach vulnerable and at risk older adults technology skills, bringing seniors and youth together, building friendships, much needed social connections, natural supports and trust in the process. 

TEMP is made possible by the generous support from the Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program and is meant to address three out of the program’s five objectives, including volunteering, mentoring and social participation. This ensures that seniors have the ability to share their knowledge and wisdom with others, increasing their capacity to address local issues and better support their communities.  

“Our Government recognizes that seniors have helped build our country and continue to contribute their skills and experiences to communities and workplaces across Canada. Through initiatives such as the NHSP, we are empowering seniors by supporting projects that help improve their well-being and maintain a good quality of life.”

– The Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors)

Research shows that building these intergenerational, social connections is critical to overall health and wellness, helping older adults to live longer with a better quality of life. The development of community cohesion and the ability to transfer knowledge and experience between ages is becoming more and more difficult. People separated by age can cause negative perceptions, fear, and a lack of understanding and respect between age groups. LINKages is excited to continue to work against this, bringing youth and seniors together over portable tech.