Tech Squad To The Rescue

After arriving at Murdoch Manner all of us began to set up things to begin our class. Before we had even finished putting on our aprons and name tags one of the seniors named Gary walked through the door and stood off to the side. I was instantly drawn to him and I was familiar with him as well after seeing him in one of our previous classes. I began to ask Gary if he had any questions for the volunteer’s today, Gary replied by saying yes and explained to me that his home internet that was connected via wired connection hadn’t been working because he was missing a driver. Deborah Millward our instructor had asked me if I could help him with the situation, and I replied yes. So she gave me permission to go and assist Gary and she had asked Andrew to accompany me and Gary to his suite. We faced a few minor setbacks, but Andrew, Gary and I all worked together to get the missing driver downloaded from my laptop to a portable USB in which we later transferred to Garry’s home PC. While waiting for the download to complete, we all had some time to get to know one another. We learnt that Gary enjoyed wrist watches, and that he also enjoyed watching the CN trains go by his building. The driver application was a success and not only were we able to get his internet working, but the application replaced missing drivers for his printer, audio component and even graphics card. In the end Gary’s computer seemed brand new, and he was very happy with the result. Also me and Andrew were happy that we worked together to fix the situation for Gary and to see how happy he was that we were able help him.


Micheal Paris


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