Welcome back to LINKages, Sammy!

It was on June 05, 2010 when Sammy first wrote to LINKages Society. He was then a student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. He came to know about LINKages and knew that he wanted to volunteer with seniors. Thus began his journey with us. He got really involved, organizing events for seniors and also engaging in visitations. When Sammy moved on to the University of Calgary, he wanted to continue his engagement with seniors. He was the brainchild behind the LINKages University of Calgary chapter which Sammy started in 2012. Today, the Chapter is thriving and under the leadership of his brother, Micky.
Fast forward to 2015. A (youth) board position opened up and we asked Sammy if he might be interested. Sammy agreed most heartily. And so, we welcome Sammy Ahn to the LINKages Society Board. We are truly humbled by his steadfast dedication to the cause of connecting generations.

Sammy is on the far left.

2 youths 1 senior
2 youths 1 senior

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