Faces of LINKages

We are excited to introduce this month’s blog post, “Faces of LINKages”

In this edition we are interviewing a volunteer. Read along to get know one of the many amazing people that help make LINKages work. 

Meet Mimi Tang!

Name: Mimi Tang

Type of Volunteer: Community Volunteer

  1. When did you join LINKages Society, and what do/did you do in your volunteer role?

The first event that I did with linkages was Intergenerational Day June 1 2016. I had so much fun. We first went to the senior homes to walk the seniors to Stephen Ave. for the event.  I was helping promote the day (event) and handed out some chocolates to the people that were passing by.

2.  What was your favorite volunteering experience, event/program, or interaction? What made it so special?
I think that would be the six-week project for Canada 150. I really enjoy coming up with a collective creative idea that everyone could participate in. b What really made it special was building the long-term relationships with the seniors and other volunteers that were committed to the six weeks.

3.  How did volunteering with LINKages Society make a difference in your own life as well as others?

I think I have gain more patience and the desire to learn and listening to others. I feel everyone has their story.

4.  What else are you involved in? This can be your program you’re taking in school, or other extra-curricular activities.

I am a very involved student at bow valley college, when I am not in classes I am helping where ever and how ever I can.  I am a Business student studying Public Relations and Digital Marketing.

5.   Please tell us what your future endeavors are! (This does not have to be related to LINKages; it can refer to your future career aspirations, plans to travel, etc.)

In the future, I hope to gain a job in the field of Public Relations when I am done my studies.