As we prepare for another year of school programs, we’re thinking a lot about what makes them SO special. Our programs are unique because BOTH youth and seniors mutually benefit from them. We love that about Intergenerational friendships and it’s our driving force behind what we do! But what kinds of benefits are actually happening, and in what ways do we measure those? 

When we connect students from a school to a nearby care centre, we focus on providing facilitation for small group activities (two student to one senior) that encourage these takeaways for students:

Seniors’ benefits from our programming are:

These mutual benefits from our programs are measured through pre and post program surveys given to students with questions designed around these outcomes, and through Care Centre liason feedback throughout the program. We love hearing these outcomes from our surveys and feedback forms because it helps us to show everyone just how AMAZING intergenerational programs are. 

“A breath of fresh air and a re-establishment with the outside world. Always a delight!” – Senior participant feedback

 “I have matured a lot as a student and as a person.” – Student participant feedback

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