Libby's story

Libby is a generous senior who has been devoting her time as a participant in one of our Care Centre-School Programs for many years. Every year she embraces her new students with an open mind and an open heart as if they were her own grandchildren. During the one-hour program, she is intentional about understanding what it is that makes her students tick. She dedicated time last summer meeting with her students at a community centre in order to stay connected. Libby also loves sharing and spreading kindness – especially in the form of Kit Kat bars!

Quote: “My students have been most kind and caring. I have enjoyed every moment I spent with them. They have taught me a lot about teenagers today. I am so proud of them.”

Adrien's story​

Adrien has been instrumental in leading and facilitating as the president of the University of Calgary LINKages’ Chapter throughout this last year, bringing with her exceptional insight, dedication, and compassion in all she does.

Quote from Adrien:

“Volunteering with LINKages has been an excellent opportunity to contribute to Calgary’s community. I’ve been lucky to be involved with LINKages in aiding the formation and facilitation of meaningful intergenerational relationships and see the direct impact on both the students and seniors. During my time as club president of the University of Calgary chapter, I feel that I’ve gained insight on the lives of individuals from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds and mental status over a wide age range.”

Yvonne's story

Yvonne is a long-term participant in one of LINKages intergenerational  school programs.  She feels that her involvement in the program provides the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of youth and gives her a stronger sense of purpose.  She expresses her appreciation for the youth volunteers in her own words: “You may come here once a week, several times a month, or whenever you have free time to volunteer and I noticed the sunshine you bring to our facility and the residents here with your warm smiles and kind hearts. You volunteer in such a diversified community and I want you to know how much you make a difference.  I see you come in day after day to participate in programs with residents, help and care for residents and I want you to know that even if you think your time is short here, or if you think you do not make a significant difference, you do.” -Yvonne