Digital Connections – from slow adopter to fan!

The first Digital Connections sessions at Columbus Place in Bridgeland got off to a roaring start with a strong showing of youth and senior volunteers. The senior participants came from the Columbus Manor and nearby residential buildings.

Henry and his wife Martha had shown an interest in the Digital Connection project since the early days of promoting and recruiting for the project. They arrived punctually today, note book in hand. Martha made it clear that she had no interest in the computer class but was there to accompany her husband and to meet i[ with a young volunteer she had met the week before, Judy. Henry made sure we remembered that he knew next to nothing about computers. He added “I don’t think I am too old to learn something new though, am I?”

And so, tablets were handed out and working groups were quickly formed and the wonderful buzz of chatters began. Despite Martha’s rejection of the tablets, our volunteer quietly place a tablet in front of her while she chatted happily with her young friend. Soon after, Martha was asked  what her favorite song from WW2 was. She indicated with a smile that it was The White Cliffs of Dover.  Promptly, the volunteer downloaded  Vera Lynn singing that song and played it for Martha. Instantly, a HUGE smile showed on her face and over the next  hour, the volunteer downloaded song after song for Martha.  listening to a wide multitude of downloaded songs.  Next, the volunteer asked where she was born and she said Finland. Immediately, both senior and young volunteer began excitedly looking for pictures of Helsinki. Squeals of delight filled the room and our reluctant Martha is now hooked on digital connections!

Next week David and Martha will bring all the information they need to have fun with skype. We can’t wait to see their faces when they see their grandchildren on the tablet, live!.  Thank you SHAW Communications for making this possible.