Singing to The Beatles

Our youth summer adventures with their senior friends continue.  Remember our reluctant senior who did not want to have anything to do with computers? Well, she has returned for every single session since! She looks forward to meeting her new young friends, but most of all, she looks forward to discovering and connecting with all of her favorite songs. Well, today, they found her some old Beatles tunes and she spent the afternoon singing to her heart’s content, especially to one of her all-time favorite Beatles’ song, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”.  When her young friends were able to get her to stop listening to the Beatles, they taught her how to use the camera in the tablet. Once she acquired the new found skills, she promptly went over to her husband and delighted in taking pictures of him. Being able to show her instantly the pictures that she had just taken filled her with so much joy and accomplishment. We know she will want to come back again next week!